Vaidhya Shri Pharmaceuticals

Vaidhya Shri Pharmaceuticals is G.M.P. (Good Manufacture Practice) Certified Company.A wide Range of Ayurvedic Madicine OTC Product Ayurvedic Shastrokt Madicine and Prescripation Based Ethical Formulation Like Capsules, Tab., Powder Liquid Preparation.
The Manufacuring is Done Under Strict G.M.P. Guidelines to insure high Manufacturing standards to Produce Quality is meticulously screened and Improved at every stage of Production.Ayurvedic Product that are Originally drived from Natural Ingerdients Herbs Combinations of Plant and other item found in nature.Our Company Vaidhy Shri Pharmaceuticals has been prooviding an ayurvedic products of high quality manufactured in hygienic condition inviorment by automatic modern machines formu lated by fresh herbs under the supervision of technical qualified & well experience staff.

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